The Marine Corps Pilot Career Guide Will Help You Get a Flight Slot.

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To: Future United States Marine Corps Pilot

RE: Your Marine Corps Pilot Career

The Marines are looking for a few motivated, dedicated, hard charging men and women to fly their aircraft.

Job Requirements:


Perks Include:


Are You Interested?

Before you say yes let me ask you a question.

What makes you think you have what it takes to become a Marine, much less a pilot?

There are thousands of people just like you who want to be Marine Corps pilots.

Why Should the Marine Corps choose you?

What do you offer that others don't?

If you want to be a Marine Corps pilot, the first step in your journey is to earn a commission as a Marine Corps officer (all pilots are commissioned officers).

In order to be given the opportunity to earn a commission, you need to prove to the Marine Corps that you have the character traits and sense of duty they want in all of their officers.

If you can't prove to the Marine Corps, by your actions, that you have what they want your career will end before it begins.

This is the most important part of the entire process of you getting your wings and is an area where many careers end before they begin.

The Marines don't care about what you say. They only care about what you do. If you can't show the Corps that you have what it takes than you'll have no chance at becoming a pilot.

This is also an area that the Marine Corps Pilot Career Guide can give you tremendous guidance.

It gives you proven, time tested techniques that will help you get a flight slot. These techniques have worked for pilots who've gone before you, will work for pilots who come after you, and most importantly will work for you.

The Marine Corps Pilot Career Guide is like having your own, personal advisory board of Marine Corps Aviators guiding you through the process. The guide takes you from where you are now, to flight school, to the fleet and beyond.


Here's a few things that the guide will help you with.

Let's take a look at the individual components of the guide

marine corps pilot manual


The U.S. Marine Corps Pilot Manual--This is where you start. The valuable information contained in this manual will help you get a commission and a flight slot.

The manual contains time tested, proven strategies that have worked before and will work again.







marine pilot special reports


Special Report 1--Marine Aircraft and Missions--This report gives you the rundown on the types of aircraft you'll be flying as a Marine Corps aviator. You'll get a detailed description of the aircraft, its mission, and capabilities.

Take heed--You will be flying one of there aircraft once you get to the fleet.






marine pilot special reports


Special Report 2--How to Excel At Flight SchoolWhen you employ the strategies in this guide and make it to flight school the information in this report will give you a leg up on others.

The information at flight school comes a mile a minute--some compare it to drinking from a fire hose.

This report gives you strategies and techniques you can use to retain more information in a shorter amount of time.

It also gives you tips on how to be a better student pilot and how to remain as cool as a cucumber in the cockpit when your instructor is throwing everything at you (including the kitchen sink).


marine pilot special reports


Special Report 3- Your Marine Pilot Career-- Being a Marine Corps pilot is about more than just flying. Remember, every Marine Pilot is first and foremost a Marine Officer.

This reports gives you a look inside your career as a Marine pilot. Get a feel for the way your career should progress. What type of ground jobs you can expect ( every Marine pilot has a flying job and a ground job) and when you can expect to be promoted.





marine pilot disc 1


Disc 1--Marine Corps Aircraft and Missions--Get an overview of the types of aircraft and missions that make up the Marine Corps aviation team. Get an overall view of the roles and missions of Marine Corps aviation in general and how aviation is used to support Marine ground forces.




marine corps pilot guide disc 2

Disc 2- Excelling At Flight School--Flight school is a mental, emotional, and physical exercise. Get tips that will help you deal with the enormous amount of information that will be thrown your way that you will be expected to know.

Additionally flying is about being able to multi-task. There are numerous things you'll need to be doing. We have simple exercises that you can do that will make you a flying and multi tasking demon.



marine corps pilot guide disc 3


Disc 3-- Your Marine Corps Pilot Career--An overview of your future career. Includes information such as how long will your tours be? How often will you move. What pay and benefits will you be entitled to. These questions and more are answered with this CD.




marine corps pilot career guide disc 4


Disc 4--Flight School Reference--When you get to flight school you'll be required to take a battery of academic tests. you'll have classes in aerodynamics, meteorology, aircraft engines etc.

Get a "sneak peek" at the official books you'll use. Additionally, take a look at some sample test questions.



This guide gives you the information, strategies, techniques, and tips that you'll need to earn a commission, get a flight slot, excel in flight school, earn your wings and get a good start in your career as a Marine Corps Pilot.

I'm so confident that you'll see the value in this information that I offer a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.